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TYP 1 : 330 PE

Green, low priced, wholistic: IONERGY®, your decentralized compact sewage purification plant.

Your advantages with IONERGY® at a glance :

  • Easy aerial installation, concrete foundation can be dispensed with.
  • Assembly and start-up within a few days.
  • Remote control guarantees low service operation.
  • Bath water quality according to EC-guidelines can be achieved.
  • Ideal for rural areas without access to a central purification plant.
  • Optimal use of the waste heat and block heat of power plants.
  • Disinfection by means of UV-treatment may be retrofitted.

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Put beside space problems, cost pressure and complicated adjustment processes:

with IONERGY® - the uniquely low priced, biological compact purification plant. Without expensive pump installations and transportation services!

The decentralized waste water treatment converts municipal waste water in communities and small towns into process water for an average load of 250 to 5.000 population equivalence and for protecting the water supplies.

With IONERGY® you additionally relay on predominantly high operational reliability as weIl as lowest operating and servicing costs: Being inured to interruption of operation and extreme variations of influent flow, IONERGY® compact purification plant exceeds WORLDWIDE each other conventional method for waste water treatment thanks to the usage of DOSFOLAT®XS which is successful since 25 years and the field tested, patented IONERGY® high performance aerobic technology.

IONERGY® purification plants are of modular construction and are being customized to the local situation.